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Himalayan Mountains, Himalayas, Nepal Coffee - | Written by Janice Spencer

Nepal Coffee - A Himalayan Treasure

Pack of Nepal CoffeeGrown in the foothills of the spectacular Himalayan Mountains, Nepalese coffee is a relative newcomer to the speciality coffee market, but over the last twenty years this flavoursome brew has become so much in demand, it is now being produced in around forty districts of Nepal and exported to countries worldwide. Nepal Coffee is deliciously smooth, with its own distinct and complex flavours and deep, rich aroma.

Nepal is a country situated mainly in the Himalayas, bordering China to the north and India to the south, east and west. In the north are some of the highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest. Because of the differences of climate throughout the country, ranging from tropical to arctic, Nepal is home to a diverse variety of wildlife, including over nine hundred species of birds and more than two hundred mammals. Rare animals, such as the Bengal tiger, are protected species in some of the country's national parks and conservation areas. In the higher altitudes snow leopards roam. Nepal also has a wealth of beautiful flora and fauna, including forests of rhododendrons, the red blooms of which are a national symbol, and featured on the country's national emblem.

Most of the coffee in Nepal is grown on small estates, many of them family concerns. Some of these farmers would once have been growing maize and millet on their land, but after a coffee development programme launched by the Nepal Ministry of Agriculture, they have turned their hand to coffee cultivation, and now enjoy a higher standard of living. The promotion of high quality coffee and continuous improvements in cultivation and processing methods, using advanced technology, have contributed to coffee production becoming a thriving industry in Nepal. The coffee trees grow on the hilly slopes at altitudes above 1000 metres. The favourable soil, amount of rainfall and relative humidity are perfect conditions for organic farming, and there is usually no need for chemical pesticides or fertilisers. The coffee beans produced are of the Arabica variety. They are left to mature until perfectly ripe, allowing them to develop rich and robust flavours, before being harvested by hand.

Nepal Coffee has been described as having chocolate and vanilla flavours, with floral undertones, a crisp sweetness and notes of almond. It has a smooth light body and gentle acidity. It is suitable for cafetière and filter machines.

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