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| Written by Miles Spencer

New Equipment for Coffee Lovers and Budding Baristas

Perfect your barista skills and take your coffee making to the next level with our new equipment range, which includes our new Moka Coffee Pot and filter Coffee Drippers, our sleek and stylish French Press Kettle, plus essentials such as our milk thermometer and milk jug.

We also have a truly special piece of kit for tea lovers – our Chinese Tea Set, which includes a beautifully crafted teapot and makes for a stunning centrepiece or a winning gift for every tea lover.

New Equipment at Coffee-Direct

French Press

French Press Kettle - £29.99

Brew delicious, fresh and aromatic coffees with this 1000ml French Press/cafetiere. Simply add your favourite ground coffee to the French Press and cover with boiled water, place the lid on top and allow the coffee to brew for 3-5 minutes. Once your coffee has brewed, gently push down the plunger to separate the grounds and enjoy your freshly brewed coffee.

Moka Pot

Moka Coffee Pot - £15.99

Also known as a stovetop espresso maker, the Moka pot is a stovetop method of brewing coffee that involves passing boiling water, pressurised by steam, through ground coffee to percolate and create brewed coffee.

Simply fill the brewer with water to the indicated line, then insert the filter basket into the brewer and fill the basket with your ground coffee. Attach both sections together and place the whole Moka pot onto a stove, on a medium heat, and wait for the brewed coffee to begin to bubble into the top section. Once this steam pressure becomes high enough, the water is forced up the funnel through the coffee grinds, and brewed coffee will pour into the upper chamber, ready to pour and enjoy.

Chinese Tea Set - £59.99

Tea Set

Create a stunning centrepiece for guests with this beautiful Chinese tea set and celebrate the rich cultural heritage and tradition of Chinese tea making

Containing a wonderfully crafted teapot, four cups, a jar for holding your fresh, loose leaf tea and a serving tray, this set harks back to the ancient Chinese tea culture and evokes the scenes of the earliest tea making traditions, so that you can prepare and present your tea in the same way that it was first made


Coffee Dripper - £9.99

Stylish and portable, our coffee dripper is a small, cup-like piece of equipment that can be placed on top of a cup or jug, which will catch the filtered coffee. A filter is placed into the cone-like body of the dripper and ground coffee is placed onto the filter.

The finished coffee is made by adding water to the dripper body, ensuring that all of the grounds are covered. The mixture of coffee and water is allowed to brew in the dripper with the water extracting flavours and gradually passing through the filter into the cup or jug. This quick and easy process creates delicious, fresh and aromatic coffees.

Milk Thermometer - £9.99


Create perfect foamed milk with this handy thermometer, which can be placed into your jug as you steam and froth, guaranteeing perfect lattes and luxurious cappuccinos. Hit the perfect temperature every time and avoid burning or over-boiling your milk.

Milk Jug

Milk Jug - £11.99

Create perfect steamed milk and froth for silky lattes, flat whites and luxurious cappuccinos with this stainless steel jug. An essential tool for all budding baristas and coffee enthusiasts, a quality milk jug can make all the difference when looking for perfect coffees.



Coffee Knock Box - £18.99

Knock Box

Keep your kitchen clean from coffee grounds with this handy knock box. In a robust design, this compact, stylish box is easy to clean and will fit right into your kitchen set up.