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mellow, Papua New Guinea Coffee, tropical - | Written by Janice Spencer

Papua New Guinea Coffee - A Rich and Mellow Brew

Island with coral reefPapua New Guinea Coffee is the perfect coffee to drink at any time of day. It is rich and mellow, with a wonderful complexity that delivers distinctive chocolate and nut flavours, a sweet, tropical fruit finish, and an intoxicating aroma.

Papua New Guinea is an island nation made up from the eastern half of the world’s second largest island, New Guinea, and hundreds of other offshore islands. It is situated in the Pacific Ocean, north of Australia and east of Indonesia. The terrain here is mostly mountainous and volcanic, with a tropical climate that makes it hot and humid for much of the year, although it is generally cooler in the highland regions, where there is occasional snowfall on the higher peaks. Papua New Guinea is a culturally diverse country, where more than 800 languages are believed to be spoken.

Coffee was first introduced to Papua New Guinea in the late 19th century, and by the 1920s, was being grown commercially. By the 1970s, a government initiative had resulted in coffee being cultivated on small co-operative-run farms. Most of the coffee grown in Papua New Guinea today is on small land holdings, or ‘coffee gardens’, with a large percentage of the population involved in its production. Many farms are located in isolated areas, where there is seldom any need for pesticides or synthetic fertilisers to be used, and much of the coffee is certified as ‘organic’. The main areas of coffee production are in the highland regions: Western Highlands, Eastern Highlands, Simbu, Morobe and East Sepik, where the climate and fertile soils provide the best conditions for great coffee. Coffee cherries are harvested by hand and dried in the sun for optimum flavour.

Papua New Guinea Coffee is suitable for use with bean-to-cup, cafetière, espresso and filter machines. It is just one of over 100 wonderful coffees from around the world that Coffee-Direct can deliver directly to your door. We roast to order, so your coffee will always arrive in the freshest condition possible, and offer a range of grind options as well as whole beans.