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Latin America, Peru Coffee, The Americas - | Written by Janice Spencer

Peru Coffee - a Colourful Cup from the Americas

Peruvian woman

Photo Courtesy of Eileen Hall © 2019

Peru Coffee is as diverse and characterful as the country itself, with its delicious, rich aroma, lively fruit and floral notes, and subtle chocolate finish. This smooth, medium bodied cup has a wonderful depth of flavour, with a sharp acidity but little bitterness. It’s a great coffee for lattes or cappuccinos, and is perfect for a delightfully sharp espresso. It is suitable for use in bean-to-cup, cafetière, espresso and filter machines.

Peru is a South American country that shares its borders with Ecuador and Colombia to the north, Bolivia and Chile to the south, Brazil to the east, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Its three main regions vary considerably in climate and geography, from the sultry tropical rainforests of the Amazon Basin to the cool, crisp air of the Andean Mountains, as well as the moderate temperatures of its coastal regions, where there are areas of desert as well as beaches. This variety of landscapes and climates makes Peru a land of high biodiversity with an abundance of wildlife. As well as being a nature lover’s paradise, Peru is a popular tourist destination for many other reasons. Some come to trek the Inca Trail and visit the spectacular Machu Picchu, or explore the city of Cusco, with its ancient ruins and Spanish Colonial architecture. They may choose to spend time in Peru’s bustling capital, Lima, a city of culture and history, where visitors can view impressive collections of pre-Columbian art, or sit outside one of the many bars or restaurants and enjoy a zesty plate of ceviche while they watch the world go by.

Coffee was introduced to Peru between 1740 and 1760, and was cultivated solely for domestic use before being produced for export in the late 19th century. It’s now one of the country’s largest agricultural exports, with around 200,000 small farms in a number of different regions, including Chanchamayo, San Martin, Juno, Cusco, Cajamarca and the Machu Picchu region.

A large percentage of the world’s coffee comes from Latin America, with Brazil being the world’s largest producer. The Americas offer a diverse and complex range of coffee flavour profiles, from clean, sweet, juicy and light bodied, to full bodied, richer, chocolatey cups. Peru Coffee is just one of our wonderful range of coffees from the Americas that Coffee-Direct can deliver directly to your door. We roast to order, so your coffee will always arrive in the freshest condition possible, and offer a range of grind options as well as whole beans. We also offer a sumptuous range of teas, as well as our ever-popular coffee gift hampers.