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Ethiopia, fruity, Harrar Longberry Coffee, unique | | Written by Janice Spencer

Grown in Ethiopia’s Eastern Highlands, Harrar Longberry Coffee is made from possibly the oldest bean still being produced. It is so named because the beans are characteristically longer and more pointed in shape than other Ethiopian Arabica beans, and are considered to be the finest, reputedly having the most diverse and complex flavours to be found in coffee beans.

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exotic, Galapagos Coffee, Galapagos Islands, unique | | Written by Janice Spencer

Galapagos Coffee is a flavoursome, full bodied coffee, as individual and unique as the place it originates from. The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the most spectacular locations in the world to visit, and a nature lover's paradise. They consist of an archipelago of nineteen islands and numerous islets, with a wealth of sun-drenched beaches surrounded by beautiful turquoise seas. Here, coffee bean trees are grown in the mineral-rich soil of volcanic slopes, in a microclimate perfect for coffee cultivation.

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