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| Written by Miles Spencer

The Best Coffee for Cafetieres

The cafetiere, or French Press, is a somewhat underrated method for preparing coffee, often being relegated below espresso makers as the go to piece of equipment for coffee lovers. However, the humble cafetiere should not be overlooked; cheap, simple to use, easy to store and clean, cafetieres will produce beautiful, full-flavoured and deeply aromatic coffees.

Cafetieres require a coarser grind of coffee than is used for espresso makers, coffee filters and percolators. The coffee is brewed directly in hot water before the plunger is used to hold the grinds at the bottom of the container, and the strength of your brew can be easily adjusted by using more or less ground coffee to taste.

The most recognisable version of the cafetiere was invented by Atilio Calimani in 1929. Being an infusion brewer, a cafetiere works by steeping water and coffee together, before filtering the brewing grounds from the brewing liquid using a metal mesh. This process creates a very uniform extraction and, due to the relatively large holes in the mesh, more non-soluble material from the coffee finds its way into the cup, including a little of the coffee oil and some tiny pieces of coffee, giving the resulting brew a richer body and texture.

Three Excellent Cafetiere Coffees

Monsoon Malabar – From £12.99
One of India’s most sought-after coffees, Monsoon Malabar is a heavy-bodied brew that makes a wonderfully mellow and smooth cup of coffee, with deep, rich flavours and aromas. The roast is often described as bold, earthy and sweet, having tobacco and wood notes, as well as intense aromas of dark chocolate and nuts.

Arabica Supremo – From £18.99
An extraordinary, complex blend of 100% Arabica beans, sourced from five different coffee-growing locations across the world. Deep, rich and smooth, with an exotic, spicy aroma, the recipe for this ingenious mix of high quality, expertly roasted beans is a well-kept secret, but once tried, you’ll be left in no doubt as to how amazing it tastes!

Swiss Water Decaffeinated – From £15.99
This medium roast Arabica from Brazil is 99.9% caffeine-free and 100% chemical-free; it is decaffeinated using the Swiss Water method, an environmentally friendly process that is 100% natural and involves no added chemicals such as ethyl acetate.

Perfect for when you are in the mood for a delicious coffee, but you don’t want the buzz of a caffeine hit, our Swiss Water Decaffeinated coffee is rich and full-bodied, with low acidity and minimal bitterness.