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| Written by Miles Spencer

The Perfect Gift for Coffee Lovers – Our Gaggia Classic 2023 Espresso Machine

Our Gaggia Classic 2023 espresso machine makes the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life, or a wonderful treat for any at-home barista.

The culmination of 80 years of tradition, history and experience, the Gaggia Classic allows you, or that special coffee-lover, to brew real, Italian espresso with the utmost precision.

Order today and we'll also send a freshly roasted large 908g bag of our exceptional Arabica Supremo coffee (worth £33.99 ) absolutely free!

Designed and Made in Italy

Representing a true passion for the art of espresso making and inspired by Italian design and craftsmanship, the Gaggia Classic 2023 showcases Gaggia’s dedication to premium quality.

Professional Filter Holder
Designed to professional standards, the brew head is made of lead-free brass and the outside of the brew group is covered with a stainless steel cover, giving the best in espresso quality and machine longevity.

15 Bar Pump
The 15 bar pump pushes the hot water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better tasting, crema topped espresso.

Professional Steam Wand
The perfect way to steam the milk and make exquisitely silky, bar-quality microfoam.

Three Filters
The machine comes with three filters: a “perfect crema” basket to help you have the perfect espresso from the first use; a single (7g) and a double (14g) traditional basket that allow you to perfect your home barista skills.

    Ideal Accessories for Espresso Makers

    Complete your at-home set-up with these must-have accessories for any budding barista.

    Coffee Mill
    Take your barista skills to the next level with this stylish coffee mill. Simply pour your whole beans into the durable container and use the attached handle to grind, resulting in aromatic ground coffee that’s bursting with fresh flavour.

    Coffee Tamper
    An essential for making perfect espressos and the perfect piece of kit for coffee lovers, this durable silver tamper allows for ground coffee to be tightly and evenly compressed, resulting in more flavour in espressos.

    Airtight Coffee Storage Container
    This durable, stainless steel tin is perfect for storing coffee once it has been taken out of its packaging. The sealable lid and firm clip ensure that your beans remain fresh and aromatic for even longer, while a one-way valve prevents oxygen getting in.