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| Written by Lewis Spencer

The Strongest Coffee We Sell

Strong Coffee

If you prefer your coffee to have an intense taste and powerful flavours then you are probably a fan of strong coffee. But what does strong actually mean?

Many people claim to love strong coffee, and what they are actually referring to is the intense hit they get from a high level of caffeine. Others classify strong as a high ratio of ground coffee to water.

Despite what you may see and hear, strong coffee doesn’t necessarily mean lots of caffeine; at, we define ‘strong coffee’ based on the perceived strength of a brewed cup, and this is determined by a variety of factors. Coffees that have rich, intense flavours, which are usually those with a darker roast, are considered strong. A heavy body and powerful aromas will also contribute to its strength rating.

The amount of caffeine does not impact the definition, so choosing the strongest coffee doesn’t mean you will be exposed to a level of caffeine that is hard to handle.

If you are looking for a full bodied brew which is packed full of flavour then you might want to try one of our strongest coffees. Each one has a unique taste and aroma, so it is worth trying several to find your favourite. We even have a dark decaffeinated option, ideal for espressos that won’t keep you up at night!

Continental Coffee

Continental Coffee is our strongest coffee, bursting with character. It is the darkest roast available and is ideally used to make intense espressos. Due to their lengthy roasting period, you can expect the beans to have a very high oil level and a heavier body.

While this isn’t a subtle drink, with very rich aromas, you will find the flavours are well-balanced, not overpowering. The Continental also has a little acidity which adds to its intensity, so if you want a filter coffee with a bit of a kick, this is a great choice. It is also delicious with steamed milk.

Uganda Light Continental Roast Coffee

If you like rich, smoky flavours then you can’t afford to miss the Uganda Light Continental Roast. It’s a great way to start the day.

The Robusta coffee beans give you an earthy flavour with a touch of bitterness and a higher level of caffeine compared to Arabica beans. Typically, Robusta beans have double the amount of caffeine so this is a great coffee to get you going, with an extra energy fix. With smoke, earth and woody hints, and mild acidity, this suits those who prefer a more savoury taste.

The Uganda Light Continental Roast can be used in cafetieres and filter coffee, but you will get the best results with espresso brewing. We don’t recommend indulging in too many of these before bed!

Ernesto Coffee

Made with a blend of South American and Ethiopian beans, the Ernesto is one of our strongest coffees, with robust, bold flavours that demand not to be ignored.

Named after the coffee merchant Ernest Illy and his quest for the perfect espresso, this coffee has been created in line with his signature blends. As an espresso, it brings out rich flavours that linger on your tongue and wake up your senses. Exquisite.

Another dark roasted bean, this has very high oil levels and a powerful taste, yet more subtle aromas compared to the Continental Coffee.

Director’s Coffee

The Director’s coffee ranks as one of the strongest coffees due primarily to the robust and unusually complex flavours and very noticeable aromas.

This is a Sumatran blend that gives you a spicy, intense taste with a mildly acidic finish. With this coffee, you don’t get subtle hints of spices and flavours, more like a bold, in your face statement that makes you sit up and take notice. It is ideal for espressos and suits those who really like a strong filtered brew thanks to its powerful taste.

Dark Decaffeinated Colombian Coffee

As we’ve said, strong coffee doesn’t mean high levels of caffeine and the Dark Decaffeinated Colombian proves that.

If you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake but really don’t want to miss out on strength, then this coffee is for you.

While it is not as full-bodied as some of our other strongest coffees, don’t be fooled into thinking that ‘decaffeinated’ means ‘tame’. You’ll still enjoy rich, luxurious aromas and flavours with this blend, notably of chocolate and sweet fruits. Plus, like all of our coffees, it’s roasted to order so you still get that beautiful smell on opening the bag, which only comes from freshly roasted beans.

The Dark Decaffeinated Columbian Coffee works best when it is prepared as a percolator coffee, allowing you to experience the wonderful flavours it offers.

If you want to learn more about the different coffees available, including their strength ratings, then take a look at our handy coffee sorter tool. This allows you to sort all our blend and single-origin products according to their roast type, flavour and aroma intensity.