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Colombian coffee, full bodied, Kenyan coffee, medium roast, New Blends - | Written by Janice Spencer

Three New Blends, Freshly Roasting from Today!

Cup of coffee and bag of coffee beans

Coffee-Direct has just launched three delightful new coffee blends that you may like to try. All of these blends are medium roasted and suitable to be used with cafetière, filter, percolator or Turkish brewing methods:

Three Peaks Arabica is smooth and rich, with a slight acidity and delicious nutty taste. This distinctive blend is created with some of the finest coffees from Kenya, Colombia and Costa Rica, grown in areas where the high altitude, warm climate and moderate rainfall help to produce high quality coffee beans with wonderful pronounced and distinctive flavours.

Dolce Arabica is a fabulous combination of Congolese Kivu and Indian Mysore beans that is truly a match made in heaven. The sweetness of Mysore beans blends perfectly with the complex fruit flavours of Kivu coffee, resulting in a full bodied coffee with a wonderful aroma. It can be enjoyed at any time of day, and is an ideal choice for your lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos.

Café Elegante is a luxurious blend of Colombian and Kenyan varieties that produces a full bodied cup with a sharp acidity, and subtle fruitiness. A flavoursome coffee with a glorious, rich aroma, Café Elegante is sure to appeal to those who enjoy a medium strength blend that is perfectly suited to filter and cafetière use, and it may well become a new favourite.