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| Written by Miles Spencer

Three New Coffees, Available Now!

We’ve got three wonderful new coffees available now at Coffee-Direct - a sweet and mildly citrusy bean from Guatemala, a delicious smooth and chocolatey variety from Papua New Guinea, and a very versatile, sweet and nutty coffee from Brazil.

There’s also still time to buy our beautiful 12 Days of Christmas Gift Pack for delivery before the big day, so you can surprise the coffee-lover in your life with a truly special treat.


Guatemala Huehuetenango – From £14.99
Grown in one of the most famous coffee-growing regions in Guatemala, Guatemala Huehuetenango reveals a wonderful sweetness, rounded creamy notes and mild citrusy flavours of orange and strawberry that make it perfect as a base for lattes, cappuccinos and filter coffees.

Sourced from the Cooperativa Agricola Integral Nuestro Futuro, at the Eastern edge of Huehuetenango, Guatemala Huehuetenango coffee is grown in ideal microclimates, where cherries are picked and wet processed, before being dried on flat rooftop patios.

Papua New Guinea Elimbari – From £12.99
A wonderfully smooth and well-rounded coffee, Papua New Guinea Elimbari reveals delicious flavours of chocolate and sweet caramel, with slight citrusy notes of grapefruit and green apple.

The Arusha coffee bean is a particulalry interesting varietal, thought to be from the Typica lineage that can be found in Papua New Guinea and Tanzania. Once picked the coffee is pulped, before being dry fermented for 24 hours in wooden boxes and then being washed and dried.

Papua New Guinea Elimbari is sourced from the district of Chuave, within the New Guinea Highlands, which are actually a chain of mountain ranges. This chain includes the Bismarck range, with Mount Wilhelm as its highest peak, where coffee growing slopes produce the cherry for Elimbari coffee.

Brazil Fazenda Paraiso – From £12.99

This very versatile coffee reveals a full body and low acidity, with lovely sweet notes of milk chocolate, cherry, apple raisins and nuts.

Brazil Fazenda Paraiso is sourced from a farm located in the traditional coffee-growing district of Cabo Verde, where an ideal climate, low humidity and favourable temperatures create perfect growing conditions.

Harvested between May and August, these coffee cherries are picked and taken to drying patios to be sorted, dried and processed under the sun.



12 Days of Christmas Gift Pack - £34.99
This fabulous box of delights will surely bring great joy this Christmas season to the coffee connoisseur and novice alike.

Featuring twelve remarkable coffee varieties from across the globe, this gift pack enables the recipient to try a different coffee variety for each day of Christmas, and experience the wealth of diverse flavours and characteristics contained in some of the finest coffees available.
Neatly packaged in a festive presentation box, the twelve 60g bags can contain whole beans or pre-ground coffee for popular brewing methods. Included in the box is our beautiful Coffee Guide, providing useful information about these exquisite coffees.