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| Written by Miles Spencer

Two wonderful new coffees available now!

New coffees

We have recently introduced two wonderful new coffees to our collection at Coffee-Direct: Sulawei Kalossi Torajha Coffee and Zambia Coffee.

Our Sulawei Kalossi Torajha Coffee
Sourced from Sulawesi, one of the four Greater Sunda Islands situated within Southeast Asia, this strong, dark roasted coffee offers a heavy but smooth taste, a rich body and an intense spicy finish.

About Sulawesi Coffee
A large proportion of coffee produced in Sulawesi comes from smallholders, but there are several large estates that contribute a small percentage of the island’s coffee exports. The Arabica coffee produced in Sulawesi is usually grown in the higher altitude of Tana Toraja, while the southern city of Kalosi has become something of a brand name for the region’s coffee production. Other growing regions on the island include Mamasa, located to the west, and Gowa, located south of Kalosi.

A number of coffees grown on the island are fully washed, a process whereby coffee cherries and beans are separated and prepared prior to roasting through a method that is said to produce high quality coffee. The semi-washed process, while not as common, is also used on the island, particularly in the production of Robusta coffees.

You can find out more about the washed coffee process with our article – Washed coffees and Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Our Zambia Coffee
A medium roast, medium strength coffee from Zambia, which offers a good body, a rich, chocolatey flavour and mild acidity.

About Zambia Coffee
Coffee was introduced to Zambia in the 1950s when missionaries brought Bourbon seed stock from Kenya and Tanzania, but it was not until the 1970s and 1980s that the industry began production in earnest, partly due to funding provided by the World Bank. The majority of Zambia’s coffee comes from larger, well-run estates where modern equipment is utilised, although some smallholders also contribute to the country’s coffee production.

Coffee in Zambia is mainly grown in the Northern district of the Muchinga Mountains, which includes the regions of Kasama, Isoka and Nakonde, as well as in the capital city of Lusaka.

Why not try our new Sulawei Kalossi Torajha coffee or Zambia coffee today?