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We're delighted to announce five new additions to our origin coffee range, bringing our tally to over 100 fantastic varieties from all corners of the globe. Here's a quick overview of our latest additions; follow the links for full descriptions and to order. Don't forget to use the voucher code TENOFF30 to receive 10% off orders over £30, and get free standard UK delivery on orders over £20.   Colombia Musicas Coffee from £9.99 A high acidity coffee with sharp citrus notes, featuring very good body and a balanced flavour. Colombia Musicas coffee is cultivated on the banks of the...

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We're pleased to announce the launch of our Coffee of the Month over at our sister site, Every month our expert roasters will be choosing one of our incredible range of almost 100 coffees from around the world to feature as their recommended variety. All of the coffees on the shortlist have been selected for their versatility, being suitable for all brewing methods from whole bean machines, to filters and cafetieres. Let our experts select your next variety and explore the wide variety of origin and blended coffees from all corners of the globe, and perhaps you'll find your...

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With summer just about with us (between the rain showers anyway!), many of us look to cold coffee drinks as a refreshing alternative to more traditional beverages. But did you know that it's incredibly easy to make perfect iced frappe at home? With just a few indulgent ingredients, and some of our freshly roasted coffee, you'll soon be whipping up delicious blended coffee drinks to enjoy during the warm summer months (or drizzly, May afternoons for that matter!)   Here's what you'll need: 350ml of Very Strong Brewed Coffee or Espresso, Chilled. We'd recommend Ernesto, Continental, Golden Crema, Buckaroo, Director's or...

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The BBC recently ran an interesting story on Peter Day's quest for the perfect cup of coffee. From the Brazilian port of Santos to the surprisingly agreeable Rwanda, given the country's tumultuous history, Peter's journey takes him across the World sampling various different methods of brewing coffee. Peter even samples Kopi Luwak, probably the World's most exclusive coffee, pointing out the questionable practices of some collectors ( strictly sources Kopi Luwak from non-farmed sources, you'll be pleased to know). The article is well worth a read, and leads Peter to taste what he considered to be the finest coffee he'd ever tried in...

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We've been hard at work for the last few months developing this brand new version of, and we really hope you like it. We've developed the site with a few key principles in mind to make ordering your coffee from us quick, secure and hassle-free; here are a few of the main changes we've made: Content Delivery Network We know there were times on our old site that the experience was a little sluggish. We've utilised a technology called a "Content Delivery Network" or "CDN" to make our pages load incredibly quick even on slower connections. We don't like...

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