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Java Coffee

Java coffee comes from some of the earliest coffee plantations in Indonesia, and today is predominantly produced on large estates originally introduced by the Dutch in the 18th Century.

Explore the world of Java coffee

You’ll have heard the old saying ‘a cup of hot Java’, but did you know, Java isn’t just a nickname for coffee, but a type of coffee itself?

From its origins and fascinating history to its unique flavour profiles and blends, here we reveal everything you need to know about this type of Indonesian coffee.

The java jargon decoder

  • Arabica coffee - Coffee made from the fruit of Coffea arabica plants.
  • Coffee Blends - A combination of two or more different single-origin coffee beans that are mixed to create a new flavour.
  • Grind size - The size of particles once you’ve ground your coffee. The scale ranges from extra-coarse to super-fine.
  • Robusta coffee - Coffee produced by the Coffea canephora.

What is Java coffee?

Java Coffee

Java coffee is coffee from the island of Java in Indonesia, the fourth largest coffee producing country in the world. Coffee trees on this Southeast Asian island are known to make a wonderful tasting cup, courtesy of Java's warm climate, abundant rain and rich volcanic soil.

Generally, the coffee Java produces can be described as having deliciously complex flavour profiles that result in a nutty, malty and full-bodied cup. However, it’s sometimes unhelpful to generalise coffee from Java as the Javanese coffee industry offers a wide range of tastes. For example, the island’s famous, monsoon-aged Old Brown or Old Java beans offer aromatic flavours varying from cedar to spices such as cinnamon or clove. In contrast, a prized Mocha Java blend is milder with chocolate and fruit notes.

A brief history of Java coffee

The origin of Java coffee lies in its namesake, the Indonesian island of Java, which in the 1700s was under Dutch colonial rule. During this period, Pieter van den Broecke, a merchant on the island of Java, began cultivating Arabica coffee plants he had smuggled from Yemen’s port of Mocha.

Arriving at Batavia (present day Jakarta), this first batch of Arabica coffee plants were planted on the estate of Governor-General Willem van Outshoorn. They were shortly lost in a flood. However, the Dutch persevered and in 1706, beans were imported to Amsterdam, (which was to become the world’s coffee capital).

It was Amsterdam’s traders who then introduced coffee to the rest of Europe and the trend for coffee houses grew across the continent. In 1714, the Dutch even presented Louis XIV with a coffee sapling from their plantations on Java, which was planted in the royal Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

Around 1878, tragedy struck, and Arabica trees along the coastal regions of Java succumbed to coffee leaf rust, destroying much of the crop. This had a significant impact on the Indonesian coffee trade and led to the importation of the Robusta variety, which was much more resistant to the disease. Cultivation subsequently boomed, and its production remains successful to the present day.

Why do coffee drinkers love Java coffee beans?

There are many reasons why coffee drinkers love coffee from Java. Many love the variety of taste profiles that the island produces, from deep and powerful to sweet and mild. Java beans are also bright and clean tasting as they tend to be wet-processed, reducing acidity and earthiness.

Coffee Trivia: Why is coffee called java?

Like 'a cup of Joe', java is a popular synonym for coffee, but why is coffee called Java? The answer lies with coffee's long history and association with Java, the Indonesian island. Although the term may have first been used by Dutch colonialists to describe single-origin beans from the island, it's likely the term gradually was used to describe any bean traded throughout Europe. With the word used for centuries across all corners of the globe, today 'java' has become an everyday word to describe a generic cup of coffee.

The best Java coffee beans

At Coffee Direct, our Java coffee roasters roast to order in small batches, guaranteeing an incredibly fresh cup of coffee. Offering a fantastic array of different roasts across our incredible collection of rich Javanese beans, we guarantee you’ll find a coffee to suit your tastes.

If you love grinding your own beans, you can order whole beans, or if you'd prefer, we can send you expertly pre-ground coffee. Pre-ground coffee is ground to the exact grind size of popular brewing methods, such as cafetiere, filter, bean-to-cup machine and percolator.

Old Brown Java Coffee

Strong and intensely aromatic, our Old Brown Java beans are aged as green coffee beans for at least two years. This ageing process exposes the green beans to the warm, moist air of the rainy seasons, producing a coffee with a heavier body, robust flavour and minimal acidity. This roast is an excellent option for those who like their strong coffee and is perfect for a pick-me-up espresso or morning brew.

“Nice strong coffee, without being too earthy. Great for smaller cups for a good kick, but also for longer cups. This is our current fav.”

Nathan K. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Java Santos Coffee

This alluring blend of Indonesian Java and Brazilian Santos creates a beautifully strong cup that's full of flavour, but without any bitterness. Java, or Kopi Jawa as Indonesians refer to it, is typically a strong, slightly sweet coffee. It works in perfect harmony with the light body and low acidity of Santos. The balance of these flavours creates an indulgent blend best enjoyed as an espresso. It can also be used in a cafetiere or as a base for your favourite filter coffees.

“Great taste. It has a rich aroma and gives good crema. It’s quite strong but really smooth.”

Andrew O. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mocha Java Coffee

Our Mocha Java roast blends one of the world’s oldest and finest coffee beans, Mocha from Yemen, with flavour-packed Arabica coffee beans from Java. Mild, yet complex, our Mocha Java coffee beans offer a delicious flavour combination of fruit, chocolate and spice that produces a superb, well-balanced cup of coffee, ideal for filter or cafetiere. If you’re looking for a twist on traditional Java coffee beans, we recommend you give this roast a try.

“Excellent coffee for any time of day.”

Charles D. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Java Special Coffee

As its name suggests, this is indeed a very special coffee. Combining strong, sweet Java beans and milder, slightly acidic Colombian beans, this coffee makes a delicious cup, bursting with a full-bodied richness and a hint of smokiness in flavour. Its savoury edge works wonderfully in a medium strength filter coffee served with sweeter foods.

“A perfect morning coffee blend. Smooth and mellow, no bitterness but has its own unique kick.”

Jayne B. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Where is Java coffee from?

Java coffee is from its eponymous Indonesian island of Java, located in Southeast Asia.

Why do they call coffee, Java?

When it comes to the ‘Java’ coffee meaning, people can be referring to coffee from the island of Java or coffee in general. This generic term is linked to coffee's long history with the island of java, where coffee has been produced since the 1700s.

What does Java coffee taste like?

Java offers a wide variety of different coffee flavours. The taste of your beans will vary depending on how they’ve been processed, roasted, and if they are blended. For example, flavour profiles can range from strong and powerful if the beans are monsoon-aged, or sweet and mild if they’re blended with Mocha beans.

Is Java coffee good for you?

Like all coffee types, Java coffee does come with several health benefits. Studies have shown coffee can help you burn fat by mobilising fatty acids from the fat tissues and enhance physical performance. What’s more, some studies have linked coffee consumption to a lowered risk of type 2 diabetes, and suggest consumption may reduce the risk of Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s diseases.

Where can I find Java coffee near me (UK)?

To buy the best Java coffee beans, simply shop Coffee Direct. Our premium Java coffee beans are sourced from the finest growers across the world. With over 30 years’ experience delivering over 100 variations of speciality beans direct to your door, we are connoisseurs of variety, flavour and provenance.