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Filter Coffee Selection Pack

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A wonderful selection of coffees selected specifically for filter use. Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a new convert to the world of freshly roasted 'real' coffee, these six varieties will tingle your taste buds and allow you to sample the very finest filter coffees in our range.

Please note that our selection packs are not available on our Next Working Day delivery service.

Our selection packs include six 60g bags of the following coffees:

Kenya Blue Mountain

Our Kenya Blue Mountain is grown from seeds originally from Jamaica, which produce a coffee that has the natural sweetness of Blue Mountain Jamaica, but has also taken on the rich aromatic flavours and intensity that is typical of Kenyan coffee. Kenya's acidic soils provide excellent conditions for the growth of quality coffee, especially the renowned arabica bean, which is known to take on fantastic cocoa notes in Kenyan coffees. Full bodied, with a good acidity, hints of nut and citrus and a lovely caramel aftertaste, Kenya Blue Mountain makes a delightfully sharp, crisp espresso, but is also at home in strong filter coffees or brews straight from the cafetiere.

Colombian Medium Roast

Medellin Excelso is an excellent example of the exquisite, full-bodied coffee that Colombia is known for, and testament to the county's reputation as one of the finest exporters of coffee in the world. Made from beans that have been cultivated in the rich, volcanic soil of Central Cordillera, Medellin Excelso produces a heavy body when roasted, resulting in a delicious nutty flavour with just the right amount of acidity. The Central Cordillera region is the highest of the three branches of the Colombian Andes, meaning that the beans grown here benefit from high, mountainous altitudes and an ideal climate that is temperate and moist.

Java Special

Our Java Special blend makes the perfect accompaniment to an after dinner dessert, or served on its own to finish a meal. The combination of strong, sweet Java beans and milder, slightly acidic Colombian beans creates a rich, bold and full-bodied coffee that reveals a hint of smokiness in flavour. This combination of sweetness, bitterness and mild acidity makes this blend similar to the famed Mocha Java, but the more complex smokey flavours brings a savoury edge that will work wonderfully in a medium strength filter coffee served with sweeter foods. The blend is roasted to order and vacuum sealed, so you can experience the delightful smokiness in its fullest.

Barista Reserve

This sweet and mellow blend is an excellent all-round coffee that is highly recommended for business meetings, professional events and other situations where you want a flexible coffee that will suit everyone's tastes. The blend offers subtle flavours that are delicious, yet unimposing, and without much bitterness or acidity, making a smooth, very enjoyable coffee.

Mocha Java

Possibly the world's most famous coffee blend, and certainly among the earliest of known blends, the celebrated Mocha Java is a combination of two distinct arabica beans from Indonesia and Yemen. The Mocha bean, taking its name from the port city that sits next to the Red Sea, is a smaller, rounder bean than many other varieties. It is suggested that the first European to sample Mocha was the Spanish Jesuit missionary, Pedro Páez Jaramillo, who encountered the unique coffee during his time in Yemen. The Java arabica bean undergoes an attentive preparation process, whereby the ripe cherries are quickly transported to their mills once harvested, and their pulp is then fermented and washed off, resulting in the typical sweet characteristics of the bean. Our mild and complex Mocha Java displays a delicious flavour combination of fruit, chocolate and spiciness that produces a superb, well balanced cup of coffee, ideal for filter or cafetiere.

Breakfast Blend

The first coffee of the day can be the most satisfying, and you can't go wrong with our delicious Breakfast Blend, made from a choice selection of beans for a smooth and satisfying drink that eases you into the day. Wonderfully aromatic, the blend is great when prepared by filter or cafetiere and is versatile enough to go into all your favourite morning brews, from lattes to cappuccinos, Americanos and a multitude of different drinks. Our Breakfast Blend is a mild strength, lighter roast, but still retains plenty of body and a strong flavour, which works wonders in sharpening up the senses first thing, without being overly bitter.

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