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| Written by Miles Spencer

Our Most Popular Single Origin Coffees

A single origin coffee is one that is grown within a single geographic area, as opposed to a coffee blend that is made from a combination of various coffee beans from multiple regions.

Because of the way in which they are produced, single origin coffees can offer particularly unique characteristics, flavours and aromas that cannot be found in other origin varieties or coffee blends, and at Coffee-Direct you can find a wonderful range of beautiful single origin coffees from some of the world’s most renowned coffee-growing countries, including India, Kenya, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica.

A variety of factors go into creating the specific, unique flavour profile of a country’s coffee beans; climate, growing altitude, rainfall and soil type all play a part, as well as the history and development of coffee production in each country, leading to a great diversity of single origin beans to be enjoyed.

Monsoon Malabar – From £13.99

One of India’s most sought-after coffees, Monsoon Malabar is a unique variety, produced from Arabica coffee beans grown in Malabar, one of the wettest regions of India, known for its wild monsoon season.

Malabar, located in a mountainous region of southern India, provides ideal coffee-growing conditions, with coffee plants grown at high altitudes, surrounded by lush vegetation and nutrient-rich humus soil.

Our Monsoon Malabar is a heavy-bodied brew that makes a wonderfully mellow and smooth cup of coffee, with deep, rich flavours and aromas. The roast is often described as bold, earthy and sweet, having tobacco and wood notes, as well as intense aromas of dark chocolate and nuts.

Kenya Blue Mountain – From £15.99

Our Kenya Blue Mountain is grown from seeds originally from Jamaica, which produce a coffee that has the natural sweetness of Blue Mountain Jamaica, but has also taken on the rich aromatic flavours and intensity that is typical of Kenyan coffee.

Kenya's acidic soils provide excellent conditions for the growth of quality coffee, especially the renowned arabica bean, which is known to take on fantastic cocoa notes in Kenyan coffees. Full bodied, with a good acidity, hints of nut and citrus and a lovely caramel aftertaste, Kenya Blue Mountain is perfect in strong filter coffees or brews straight from the cafetiere.


Swiss Water Decaffeinated – From £17.99

A medium roast Arabica coffee from Brazil that is 99.9% caffeine-free and 100% chemical-free. The pioneering Swiss Water method of decaffeinating coffee was invented in 1930s Switzerland, and is an environmentally-friendly, 100% natural process that involves no added chemicals such as ethyl acetate.

The highly intensive procedure can take up to 10 hours to complete and requires diligent monitoring of time, temperature and flow of water, resulting is a beautifully rich coffee that makes a full-bodied brew with low acidity and minimal bitterness.

Blue Sumatra – From £14.99

This strong Indonesian coffee comes from Sumatra, the second largest of the Indonesian islands, and is considered among the finest examples from the region. Our Blue Sumatra is smooth and aromatic, with a well-balanced spiciness that is typical of Sumatran coffees, while a full body and a little acidity provides a delightful hint of intensity, making this a pleasure to drink from a cafetiere, filter, or as an espresso.


Indonesia is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world, and the longitude and latitude of the country make for particularly well-suited micro-climates in producing a diverse, flavoursome variety of beans.

Dark Colombian – From £13.99

Our Dark Colombian is a slightly stronger coffee than our Colombian Medium Roast, which makes it more versatile as it is suitable for cafetiere use, filter coffees and intense espressos.

Using Medellin Excelso, from Colombia's Cordillera Central in the Andes, this excellent coffee really does display some of the finer qualities of the renowned Colombian coffee bean, with a rich aroma, luxurious depth and sweet flavours of fruit and chocolate.

These Colombian beans benefit from being grown in an area that is known as the 'tierra templada', the Colombian term for the climatic zone located between 900 and 1,980 meters that provides ideal growing conditions.