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| Written by Miles Spencer

Our Valentine’s Day Coffee Gift Pack – The Perfect Gift for Your Favourite Coffee Lover

If you’re after the perfect gift for your favourite coffee aficionado this Valentine’s Day, look no further than our beautiful Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Pack.

This lovely gift pack features twelve of our finest coffees from around the world, all beautifully packaged in an attractive box, giving your Valentine the chance to delve into a wealth of diverse flavours, aromas and characteristics.

Available as whole beans or pre-ground for favourite brewing methods, this also comes with our brilliant Coffee Guide, which provides useful information about each of these exquisite coffees.

    Included in our Happy Valentine’s Day Gift Pack

    Monsoon Malabar
    Picked in the Malabar region of India, one of the wettest regions of southern India, this variety undergoes an especially unique process to bring out the beans' fullest flavours. Straight after being harvested, the beans are transported to open warehouses along the Malabar Coast, where they will be exposed to the harsh, moist winds of the area's monsoons for around three to four months.

    Golden Crema
    The crème de la crème of coffee blends, a robust, rich and bold coffee of the highest quality. This strong blend makes an exquisite espresso that could be just the thing to give yourself a midday pick-me-up, while the luxurious texture is brought to the forefront when you add steamed milk, creating creamy, silky lattes and cappuccinos that are the height of comfort.

    The same blend as our Continental coffee but roasted slightly lighter so that the same great flavour is produced without the oily characteristics, making it ideal for smooth and intense espressos.

    Old Brown Java
    Our strong Old Brown Java beans are aged as green beans for at least two years before being roasted, giving the coffee a heavier body and a powerful flavour, but very little acidity. The process of ageing beans is popular among many Javanese coffee producers and can last for as long as three years, during which green beans may be 'monsooned' by being exposed to the warm, moist air of the rainy seasons.

    Blue Sumatra
    This strong Indonesian coffee comes from Sumatra, the second largest of the Indonesian islands, and is considered among the finest examples from the region. Indonesia itself is the fourth largest coffee producer in the world, offering particularly well suited micro-climates in producing a diverse, flavoursome variety of beans.

    Barista Reserve
    This sweet and mellow blend is an excellent all-round coffee that is highly recommended for situations where you want a flexible coffee that will suit everyone's tastes. The blend offers subtle flavours that are delicious, yet unimposing, and without much bitterness or acidity, making a smooth, very enjoyable coffee.

    With an intense, spicy taste and a wonderfully full body, this Sumatran-based blend is ideal for espressos, packing a strong punch that's not often encountered in blends, yet retaining a complexity of flavours that's not always easy to find in stronger coffees.

    Our Continental is the darkest roasted coffee we offer and, while perhaps not for the faint hearted, offers a divine combination of heady aromas and rich, oily, well-balanced flavours. Given the strength of this wonderful coffee, we'd recommend it mainly for intense espressos.

    Java Santos
    This blend of Indonesian Java and Brazilian Santos creates a wonderfully strong coffee that's full of flavour, but without any bitterness. Java, or Kopi Jawa as Indonesians refer to it, is typically a strong, slightly sweet coffee, and it works wonders here with the light body and low acidity of Santos.

    Dark Colombian
    Using Medellin Excelso, from Colombia's Cordillera Central in the Andes, this excellent coffee really does display some of the finer qualities of the renowned Colombian coffee bean: a rich aroma, luxurious depth and sweet flavours of fruit and chocolate.

    Arabica Supremo
    An extraordinary, complex blend of 100% Arabica beans from five different coffee-growing locations across the world, making for a deep, rich and smooth coffee, with an exotic, spicy aroma.

    Caffè Marcos
    Our premier blend of expertly roasted coffees from the very finest plantations in Central and South America, mixed with complex tones from African and Indian speciality beans for a deep, rich and full-bodied coffee.