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christmas, coffee, flavoured | | Written by Lewis Spencer

Get in the mood for Christmas with our fantastic range of festive coffees! Featuring seasonal flavours, these brews will keep you warm on chilly December evenings. Christmas Pudding Flavoured Coffee The perfect treat this festive season, our Christmas Pudding flavoured coffee offers traditional Christmas fruit and spice flavours that work wonders when enjoyed through the chilly Winter evenings. Our Christmas Pudding flavoured coffee is only available through December, so grab a pack now to enjoy at Christmas and long into the Winter months. Order from £11.99 Santa's Blend Coffee With this secret blend locked away in Lapland for eleven months of...

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coffee, fresh coffee, sugar | | Written by Lewis Spencer

An investigation by the group Action on Sugar has unveiled some startling statistics regarding the sugar content of many High Street coffee drinks. Following analysis of over 130 hot drinks, the charity found a third contained at least as much sugar as a standard cola drink – that’s a whopping nine teaspoons! As if that wasn’t bad enough, some beverages in the test contained over 20 teaspoons of sugar, an alarming amount that would receive an instant red nutritional value label for high sugar content. The worst offenders on the list included Starbucks’ Hot mulled fruit – grape with chai,...

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