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coffee blends, Lazy days, Lazy Days Coffee, medium strength, mellow, smooth | | Written by Janice Spencer

Lazy Days Coffee is the perfect brew to relax with when you’re in the mood to chill out. This medium strength cup is a milder brew than some, but is still bursting with refreshing fruity notes, a pleasant nuttiness and slight sweetness.

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Barahona Paraiso Coffee, Dominican Republic, malty notes, medium strength, ripe fruit flavours | | Written by Janice Spencer

Barahona Paraiso Coffee is a fabulous medium strength cup, that is rich and smooth with the most incredible aroma. Here you will find a coffee with mild acidity, delicious malty notes and ripe fruit flavours, that takes its name from Paraiso, a town in the Barahona Province of the Dominican Republic. With its idyllic beaches, deep turquoise sea, lush mountains and cool, clear rivers, it’s little wonder it was named ‘Paraiso’, the Spanish word for ‘paradise’.

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