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When the weather is hot, we reach for the drinks that are cool and refreshing, and for those who still require their coffee fix, a delicious chilled or iced coffee is the way to go. If you like your coffee chilled, cold brew coffee is a great alternative to drinking iced coffee made the traditional way. When coffee is brewed in hot water, then chilled or iced, it has a tendency to taste bitter or sour, but when it is cold-brewed, the result is a smooth and sweet-tasting drink without the bitterness. The subtle characteristics of particular coffee beans are slowly and gently extracted and unique flavours, sometimes lost when coffee is hot-brewed, are more distinct and pronounced in cold brew coffee.

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Bossa nova, Brazil Ipanema Coffee, Ipanema Beach, mellow, smooth -

Brazil Ipanema Coffee is a speciality single origin coffee made from exclusively prepared bourbon variety coffee beans. This most flavoursome, medium-bodied cup is slightly citric, with a noticeable acidity and evident floral overtones. It has a smooth, mellow taste and delightful, rich aroma. The aftertaste is long, pleasant and almondy.

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