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coffee beans, customer reviews, reviews, service | | Written by Janice Spencer

At Coffee-Direct, we strive to provide the best quality coffee the world has to offer, as well as excellent customer services to go with it. Therefore, there’s nothing we love more than the feedback we receive from satisfied customers when they review our products and service.

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quality, reviews | | Written by Janice Spencer is delighted to have now received over 3,000 reviews from satisfied customers, in respect of great service and the quality of our products. We love to hear from our customers, and it's always great to get feedback as it lets us know what our customers like, or what they would prefer.

Read more, customers, reviews | | Written by Lewis Spencer

We're delighted to have received our 1,500th review on, and would like to take a moment to thank all of our customers who spend a couple of minutes reviewing their purchases. Your experiences help other customers track down their ideal varieties, and also keep us on our toes when developing new blends and sourcing fresh origin coffees. In partnership with YotPo, our review emails are sent a couple of weeks after you order, and whether you write a simple one-liner or a detailed account of your experience with our products and services, it really does make a huge difference to...

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customer accounts, live chat, order history, remote uk, reviews, subscriptions, website | | Written by Lewis Spencer

We've been hard at work for the last few months developing this brand new version of, and we really hope you like it. We've developed the site with a few key principles in mind to make ordering your coffee from us quick, secure and hassle-free; here are a few of the main changes we've made: Content Delivery Network We know there were times on our old site that the experience was a little sluggish. We've utilised a technology called a "Content Delivery Network" or "CDN" to make our pages load incredibly quick even on slower connections. We don't like...

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