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bean-to-cup, origin coffee, perfect coffee, Strong Coffee, techniques, website | | Written by Lewis Spencer

We've just launched a new addition to our product pages to make finding your perfect coffee even easier. Throughout our range of origin and blended coffees, you'll now see dials on the left hand side of the page indicating various features of the particular coffee you're browsing. With indicators including strength, acidity, flavour, body and aroma, you can at a glance see how our range matches your tastes. If you know exactly the type of coffee you're looking for, you can also use our new check sheets, listing our range by all of those attributes, starting with Coffee by Strength. To...

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Cold Coffee Drinks, Frappe, Iced Coffee, Strong Coffee | | Written by Lewis Spencer

With summer just about with us (between the rain showers anyway!), many of us look to cold coffee drinks as a refreshing alternative to more traditional beverages. But did you know that it's incredibly easy to make perfect iced frappe at home? With just a few indulgent ingredients, and some of our freshly roasted coffee, you'll soon be whipping up delicious blended coffee drinks to enjoy during the warm summer months (or drizzly, May afternoons for that matter!)   Here's what you'll need: 350ml of Very Strong Brewed Coffee or Espresso, Chilled. We'd recommend Ernesto, Continental, Golden Crema, Buckaroo, Director's or...

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