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aromatic coffees, caramel notes, citrus notes, dark roast, Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, Guatemalan coffee, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Process - | Written by Janice Spencer

Try This for a Quality Decaf - Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee

Guatemalan street with buildings and view of mountain

Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee offers the best of both worlds to those who love the wonderful characteristics of a fine Guatemalan coffee but would prefer to avoid caffeine. A medium bodied cup with a bright, pleasant acidity, Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated has a flavour profile that offers subtle hints of citrus and caramel and a delicious rich aroma. It is a dark roast with a relatively high oil level.

Coffee is thought to have been grown in Guatemala since the mid-18th century, and was possibly introduced by the Jesuits. Some of the world’s finest coffees are now produced in eight regions of the country, where varying climates and growing conditions result in a diverse range of flavour profiles, from light, sweet and fruity to heavier chocolate and nutty flavours. A high percentage of coffee trees benefit from being grown in andisol: young, fertile soil formed from volcanic ash and lava. As well as this, suitable climates with perfect humidity and ample rainfall help to produce choice Arabica coffee beans with optimum flavour. Most Guatemalan coffees are sun-dried and processed by traditional methods; many coffee farms have wet mills and carry out their own processing.

Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee is produced using the Swiss Water Decaffeinated Process, a method that removes caffeine from coffee beans whilst keeping their character and flavour intact, in a natural, environmentally friendly way, with no added chemicals. This flavoursome decaf coffee can be enjoyed at any time of the day or evening. It can be roasted to order, with a choice of grind options or whole beans, and delivered directly to your door. It is suitable for all brewing methods.