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caramel notes, dark roast, medium-bodied, Vietnam Arabica Coffee, woody | | Written by Janice Spencer

Vietnam Arabica Coffee is smooth and mellow with a natural sweetness, making it a great all-rounder for all your favourite coffee beverages. This medium strength coffee is medium-bodied with a low acidity. It is mild, but rich in flavour, being slightly fruity with woody and caramel notes, and it has a most delightful aroma. The perfect choice for your flat white, latte, cappuccino or macchiato.

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aromatic coffees, caramel notes, citrus notes, dark roast, Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee, Guatemalan coffee, Swiss Water Decaffeinated Process | | Written by Janice Spencer

Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee offers the best of both worlds to those who love the wonderful characteristics of a fine Guatemalan coffee but would prefer to avoid caffeine. A medium bodied cup with a bright, pleasant acidity, Guatemala Swiss Water Decaffeinated has a flavour profile that offers subtle hints of citrus and caramel and a delicious rich aroma. It is a dark roast with a relatively high oil level.

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