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| Written by Miles Spencer

Espresso Machines at Coffee-Direct

Our range of quality Gaggia espresso machines make the perfect gift for the coffee-lover in your life or a wonderful treat for yourself, allowing you to make delicious barista-style coffee from the comfort of home.

All of our Gaggia machines are stocked in the UK and come with a 2-year UK warranty included in the price, as well as dedicated technical support direct from Gaggia, should you ever require it.

You will also receive a gift voucher and a free bag of our Arabica Supremo beans (RRP £33.99)

Gaggia Classic 2023 - £499

The Gaggia Classic is the winner of the Expert Review 2023 award for the Best Manual Espresso Machine Under £500.

The Gaggia Classic 2023 (Classic Evo) is the culmination of 80 years of tradition, history, and experience. With the Gaggia Classic you can pay attention to every detail and brew real, Italian espresso with the utmost precision. This is a machine in the finest tradition of Achille Gaggia, brewing an espresso with exquisite crema.

Designed to professional standards, the brew head is made of lead-free brass and the outside of the brew group is covered with a stainless steel cover, giving the best in espresso quality and machine longevity. The heavy stainless steel filter-holder ensures a consistent and stable brewing temperature throughout the entire brewing process.

Available in the following colours: Lobster Red, Thunder Black, Stainless Steel, Sunshine Yellow, Midnight Blue, Jungle Green, Cherry Red, Polar White and Grey.

Gaggia Carezza Deluxe - £279

Combining the tactile benefits of a manual espresso machine with many of the digital innovations of an automatic machine, the Gaggia Carezza Deluxe features a pre-infusion function for espresso, allowing for maximum flavour to be extracted from the coffee, as well as an auto-clean function that gives the machine a short rinse every time it is turned on.

The Carezza’s boiler is a thermoblock boiler, so that steam and hot water are generated quickly and on demand, reducing the overall power consumption of the machine for an energy efficient operation.

The temperature of the boiler can be monitored on the inbuilt thermometer, while the pressurised filter holder makes it easy to get perfect espresso every time.

Gaggia Classic 2019 - £429

Designed to professional standards, the group head and filter holder are made of chromed brass to ensure high quality and machine longevity, while the three-way solenoid valve relieves the pressure in the filter holder immediately after pulling a shot.

The boiler is designed for unparalleled temperature stability, and the 15 bar pump pushes the hot water through the ground coffee at high pressure to ensure better tasting, crema topped, espresso.

The machine also comes with three filters: a “perfect crema” basket to help you create the perfect espresso, as well as single (7g) and double (14g) traditional baskets that allow you to perfect your home barista skills.