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berry fruits, Bourbon, El Salvador La Joya Coffee, high quality coffee, medium-bodied, sweet - | Written by Janice Spencer

El Salvador La Joya Coffee - an Absolute Gem

Pack of El Salvador La Joya CoffeeWhen it comes to cup quality, El Salvador La Joya Coffee is in a class of its own. Grown in the rich volcanic soil of the breathtakingly beautiful Apaneca-Ilamatepec region of El Salvador, this well balanced, medium-bodied coffee has a high acidity, and carries a delicious honey sweetness with berry fruit tones and citrus notes. Coffee trees grow at altitudes of 1250 metres above sea level, in the cool shade of native trees and in harmony with the environment. The Tropical Farm El Salvador is just one of many coffee farms located in the central and western provinces of Santa Ana. Any reference to a jewel (La Joya) is fitting, as the farm is a shining example of how high quality coffee can be produced, being well regarded for its innovative farming and processing methods and sense of social responsibility.

Coffee has been grown commercially in El Salvador since the mid-19th century. Before coffee, the country’s main crop was Indigofera, a plant that produces natural indigo dye, but the advent of synthetic dyes affected demand for natural ones, and resulted in areas of land being adapted to grow coffee trees instead. For years coffee was El Salvador’s main export and the country became one of the world’s largest producers. The development of roads and railroads there can be largely attributed to the success of the coffee industry at that time. However, civil war in the 1980s had a serious impact on the industry, and today far less coffee is produced. Since around 2005, good relationships built between farmers and roasters has prompted an emphasis on quality, and today the superior quality of El Salvador coffee beans more than makes up for the lack of quantity. Much of the coffee produced is from heirloom Bourbon trees, that yield coffee beans renowned for their sweetness and complexity of flavours.

El Salvador La Joya Coffee is just one from our wonderful range of coffees from the Americas that Coffee-Direct can deliver directly to your door. We roast to order, so your coffee will always arrive in the freshest condition possible, and offer a range of grind options as well as whole beans.