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Indian Coffee, medium roast, Monsoon Malabar, Mysore Coffee - | Written by Janice Spencer

Mild, Mellow and Flavoursome - Mysore Coffee

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Mysore Coffee is a great one to try if you like your coffee smooth, sweet and mellow. This well-balanced, medium roast coffee is wonderfully aromatic and has light, delicate flavours that combine well with its medium acidity. It’s delightful to drink as it is, but also blends particularly well with mocha coffee. It is suitable for use with cafetiere, filter, percolator, Turkish, and vacuum or syphon brewing methods.

Mysore coffee is grown in Karnataka, the largest state in southern India, that was originally known as the State of Mysore. The city of Mysore is located at the base of the Chamundi Hills, and is a popular destination for tourists. It’s regarded as the cultural capital of Karnataka, and renowned for its ornate palaces and fascinating historical sites, as well as its beautiful parks and gardens. Coffee cultivation in India first started in the Karnataka region and most of India’s coffee is grown there today. A legend tells of how Baba Budan, a 17th century pilgrim, smuggled seven coffee seeds into India from Yemen, supposedly hidden in his beard! The hills where the first seeds were thought to have been planted are now named ‘Baba Budan Giri’ after him.

If you like Mysore Coffee, you’ll probably also enjoy our Kivu/Mysore Coffee, a wonderful creamy blend of Congolese Kivu and Indian Mysore beans. The fusion of Kiva’s complex fruit flavours and sweetness of Mysore beans works so well, and it’s perfect to use for your cappuccinos, Americanos and lattes. And if you haven’t already tried it, our fabulous Monsoon Malabar Coffee is an all time favourite and a great example of Indian coffee at its best.