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| Written by Miles Spencer

Our Favourite Winter Coffee Recipes

Are you looking for a bit of indulgence to give you a boost during the dark and dreary start of the year? Why not treat yourself and create one of our delicious and decadent coffee cocktail recipes?

These boozy coffees are wonderful when served as an after dinner treat or enjoyed as a warming pick-me-up during those chilly evenings, and they make great use of those left over liqueurs and spirits from the festive season.

We’ve put together some handy videos that give you step-by-step-recipe guides to create these lovely drinks.

Tiramisu Coffee

As tiramisu traditionally carries bold notes of espresso coffee, flipping the original recipe on its head and making a coffee with notes of tiramisu works brilliantly.

Delicately balancing the sweetness of the amaretto or amaretto syrup with the darker tones of your choice of coffee, this tiramisu coffee recipe is a tantalising option when you’re in need of a hit of tiramisu dessert with fewer steps and ingredients. 

Tia Maria Coffee

Tia Maria is an ideal alcohol to pair with coffee, and this recipe makes sure to combine the best of both Tia Maria and your favourite coffee ground to create a deliciously sweet and luxurious coffee experience.

As a dark liqueur, typically made using Jamaican coffee beans, Tia Maria is a natural choice to add to a mug of well-brewed coffee as the flavours are organically similar and will sit alongside one another beautifully.

Rum Coffee

This wonderful buttered coffee is rich with your favourite spices and gains its mouth-watering smoothness from your choice of dark rum. Make sure to whip out this rum coffee recipe as an after-dinner dessert, served best hot in the darker months for a boost of warmth and seasonal feel.

Cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla and allspice are spices most typically found in any spiced rum, and their addition to this recipe is useful for drawing out the dominant notes found in both your choice of rum and your favourite coffee bean.

Brandy Coffee

Brandy and coffee are a match made in heaven; with their complimentary flavours and deep, rich notes this alcoholic coffee recipe is a delicious coffee experience that packs a heavy punch.

The natural bitter flavours of the coffee perfectly complement the fruity, sweet flavours of the brandy, and if you decide to top your brandy coffee with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, this recipe can also serve as a dessert all of its own.