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Arabica beans, Panama La Torcaza, single origin coffee, speciality coffee - | Written by Janice Spencer

Rich and Aromatic Panama La Torcaza Coffee

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Panama La Torcaza is a smooth and aromatic, medium strength coffee with delicate floral and citrusy notes, and a sweet aftertaste. It is characteristic of the superb coffees produced in Panama today. These high quality Arabica beans are micro-roasted for ultimate freshness, to provide the perfect depth of flavour for a rich espresso or filter coffee.

It is thought that coffee was first introduced to Panama by European settlers in the early 19th century. It took some years for Panama’s coffee industry to grow, but the dedication and expertise of its coffee producers has resulted in a high demand for the delicious speciality coffees the country has to offer.

The beans for Panama La Torcaza are grown exclusively on the Janson Brothers’ famous coffee estates located in the highlands of Western Panama, roughly 25 miles from the Costa Rican border. Arabica coffee beans are cultivated on the slopes of the Volcán Barú, a stratovolcano that is also the highest mountain in Panama. Coffee trees are cultivated at around 4,500 feet in rich, volcanic soil; the cooler temperatures at such altitudes allow the coffee cherries to mature slowly, to develop more complex flavours and characteristics. The La Torcaza farm is quite unique in that the terrain is fairly level, which is conducive to the even ripening of the cherries, resulting in higher quality beans. The Janson brothers use natural fertilisers on their farms and herbicides are avoided by manual weeding.

Panama La Torcaza Coffee is just one in a range of single origin coffees that Coffee-Direct can deliver directly to your door. We roast to order, so your coffee will always arrive in the freshest condition possible, and offer a range of grind options as well as whole beans.