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Asian coffee, full-bodied, low-caffeine, single-origin, speciality coffee, Thai coffee, Thailand Doi Chang Coffee | | Written by Janice Spencer

Thailand Doi Chang Coffee offers something deliciously different for the speciality coffee lover. This quality, single-origin coffee is grown and produced in the beautiful mountain region of Doi Chang in northern Thailand’s Chiang Ria Province. A smooth and full-bodied cup, Thailand Doi Chang has a balanced acidity, delicious caramel and nut flavours, and a unique, rich aroma. It has a relatively high oil level, a low caffeine content, and is suitable for all brewing methods.

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Arabica beans, Panama La Torcaza, single origin coffee, speciality coffee | | Written by Janice Spencer

Panama La Torcaza is a smooth and aromatic, medium strength coffee with delicate floral and citrusy notes, and a sweet aftertaste. It is characteristic of the superb coffees produced in Panama today. These high quality Arabica beans are micro-roasted for ultimate freshness, to provide the perfect depth of flavour for a rich espresso or filter coffee.

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coffee beans, coffee culture, history of coffee, origin coffee, speciality coffee | | Written by Janice Spencer

For thousands of years people have derived pleasure from drinking coffee. This flavoursome beverage with its delightful aroma is often the first thought of the morning, and the perfect way to kickstart the day. As well as having a reputation for boosting energy, drinking coffee is thought to help improve memory, mood and concentration. Coffee beans also contain high levels of antioxidants and other compounds that are believed to offer health benefits for a number of common medical conditions. Coffee is one of the world's most important commodities. It is consumed worldwide, and its production provides employment for millions. Throughout history it has been the subject of folklore, customs and myths, and in many cultures coffee houses and cafes have provided a hub for people to meet and an opportunity to socialise.

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